Comic Strip Creator

Above is a link to a website that your students might enjoy as they continue to improve their writing skills.

The Comic Creator is an interactive tool that invites students to compose their own comic strips for a variety of contexts.

There are additional free interactive resources that students will enjoy using to enhance their writing skills.


Courtesy Nancy Cline, WVDE

Data Analysis Tips

Data analysis, mastery matrix design, & implementation

Data Analysis-Ideas to mark your data sheets for impact

  • times tested piece is important….
  • where they had gains…. highlighted the ones where they had gains….
  • Next you analyze it the CSO was covered (is that why it was low
  • the first time and high on the second? 
  • highlight the scores over fifty.
  • next note concerns for the CSOs that they are still not mastering
  • Look again to see if they were high in times tested
  • Mark the CSOs that dropped.
  • Mark the CSO it was not tested in the second BM as perhaps it needs to be on matrix.

There are more DOK questions in eleventh grade math than any other subject… (However, our kids are still doing poorly in 11th grade math in Fayette County)

Remember this is rolled up data, so it also helps to look at student data too.

Think about your rough draft matrix design, then move to collaborative conversations to finalize your matrix, next design your assessment of your skill sets, and finally implementation, and follow-up.