Microsoft Interactive Classroom

The summer conference season is fast approaching and many of us will need to present large volumes of information to a live audience.  Please take 5 minutes to review this FREE resource from Microsoft.

The Microsoft Interactive Classroom
Bullet Points:
  • Conference attendees (or your students) will have instant access to your PowerPoint slides.
  • As the presenter advances the slides, the audience pages advance automatically.
  • As the presenter makes notes, they appear automatically on the audience computer.
  • instant polling and quizzing
  • When the session is over, each audience member leaves with a copy of the presentation, with notes and quizzes intact, on their own hard drive for offline review at a later time.

Courtesy Mark Moore, WVDE


MIE = Microsoft Innovative Educator, a new professional development opportunity from Microsoft and the West Virginia Department of Education.  In this training we will explore approximately 30 free educational tools for your classroom.  Training can be done in 1/2 day increments.  (1/2 day, full day, day and a half, etc).  Contact Mark Moore to schedule this free training at your location.

A few amazing TED talks:
10 time saving tech tips (6 min)
Watch this if you know someone with Parkinsons or depression!! (16 min)
Your online life, permanent as a tattoo (6 min)
I was 14 when I built my first nuclear reactor. (13 min)
courtesy WVDE Mak Moore