STAR Testing -Math/ELA

  1. STAR can be administrated on any device, but Chrome must be used as the browser or Safari if you are using an iPad.
  2. The URL is:  I would suggest to place this link on the school webpage or some other easy-to-access place.
  3. Teachers:  You will NOT need to do anything prior to the test administration.  You will need to log in after the test to analyze your data.
    • For new and existing teachers the username is their teacher ID number; the password is fcboe for new teachers, existing teachers already have a password but if they need it reset you can ask your specialist to do that or shoot me an email.  Also, teachers who have been in the system for a several years may have a different username. Your specialist or I can look that up if needed.
  4. Students 3-12: Username = WVEIS Student ID; Password = last 4 digits of ID.  The students will log on to the above URL to complete both STAR Math and Reading. No prior set-up is required.

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